GOBIE filtered water bottle (GREEN)

Price $29.95

Special Note: More available on our Crowd Funding Campaign coming soon!

Enjoy bottled water taste without the cost and waste!

GOBIE is a daily-use, filtered water bottle designed to remove the unpleasant chlorine taste and odors found in municipal tap-water. By using a GOBIE instead of single-use disposable water bottles, you are saving money, reducing waste, and keeping your body healthy and hydrated! GOBIE's FlexFlo™ Technology eliminates the need for a straw system, providing the most user-friendly experience on the market!  Each bottle comes with a daily-use filter already installed. 

• Daily-Use Filter Included

• Made in America

• BPA Free/Non-Toxic

• FlexFlo™ Technology

• Dishwasher Safe

• Fully Portable

• Cup-Holder Friendly

• Capacity: 22 oz

• Ergo-Mouthpiece

• Non-Slip Base

• Comfort-Fit Finger Loop

Sports Cap is Not 100% Leak Proof  



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